Great Circle

Offshore & Marine

GCWA has partnered with premier firms in naval architecture, marine and offshore engineering services, Lift Boat/marine operations, Shipyards, Wind turbine manufacturers, and wind farm developers to address the shortage of WTIVs, a critical infrastructure asset
Naval Architects 

  • A.K. Suda – A world renowned Naval Architect and Marine Engineering firm with several patented designs for Wind Turbine installation vessels already deployed worldwide.  Suda’s WTIV designs include up to 68m water depth and 1500MT crane capacity are available (Suda JG17000).  Suda has all engineering and manpower resources to provide world class design and construction support activities anywhere in the world –

  • 3Dent Technology – A team of dedicated consultants/designers with expertise in structural engineering, hydrodynamics and naval architecture.  3Dent’s focus is on addressing issues for owners of offshore floaters, jackups and liftboats have with their fleet.  –

Lift Boat and Marine Operations 

  • All Coast – Owners and operators of the largest fleet of Lift Boats in the U.S. offshore market in the Gulf of Mexico.  All Coast is an industry leader in safety and multiple awards winner in Lloyds List for Safety and Operations.   –