A well planned operation is boring and safe.


You can easily decide if your future includes a well planned and executed but boring project in any part of the world, or a nail biting over budget, behind schedule operation with sub standard equipment and resources and inexperienced people trying to recover from a botched job. 


Great Circle Offshore and Marine Consultants has well over 30 years of offshore operations experience.

We are at the forefront of technology in the deepwater offshore business and we work closely with our clients because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients -  we make sure to work around your budget.

With marine and offshore installation experience around the world, in shallow water and deep water, Great Circle Offshore aims to support Operators and Contractors in optimizing their marine planning and execution on all their projects in any part of the world.

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Wouldn't you like a worry free project execution?

Wouldn't we all? Finally, you can have the assurance you want without the worry of what is going to happen offshore. Great Circle Offshore and Marine Consultants is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your project requirements in the most optimum and cost effective way.

Great Circle

Offshore & Marine

As Founder of Great Circle Offshore, Sanjai brings over 30 years of experience in the marine and offshore oil and gas industry, as a Master Mariner on a variety of merchant vessels including tankers, container ships and bulk carriers before transitioning to the offshore industry as Captain on dynamically positioned multi-support diving and construction vessels. He has worked in various offshore areas of the world, including GoM, Australia, New Zealand, India, South China Sea, Indonesia, West Africa and the Far East.

Sanjai has had considerable experience with the installation and repair of floating production units (Semis, FPSO’s, FSO’s, MODU’s) and subsea flexible and rigid pipelines during his tenure on offshore construction vessels. He was the project manager for various installations in the Zafiro Field off Equatorial Guinea including the FPSO Zafiro Producer, FSO Harrier and FSO Magnolia. Sanjai was the Installation Manager for Kerr McGee’s Red Hawk Cell Spar and Murphy Oil’s Kikeh Truss Spar in Malaysia during his tenure with Technip Offshore Inc.

In 2006, Sanjai rejoined Aker Solutions to help grow their marine contracting division in the US. Sanjai headed up the marine contracting division (Aker Marine Contractors US) for Aker Solutions in North America holding responsibility for operations, engineering and project management including operation of AMC chartered and owned construction vessels. During this time the major deep water projects completed were the installation of the Blind Faith semi-submersible for Chevron, Thunderhawk submersible for Murphy Oil and the Kwae Nkrumah FPSO in Ghana for Anadarko/Tullow Oils. Aker Solutions was awarded the Noble TAMAR project offshore Israel with AMC being responsible for delivery of all subsea equipment, umbilicals and installation of the same.

In 2011, Sanjai was part of the transition team when Aker Marine Contractors was acquired by EMAS Singapore. He was responsible for all projects and operations in the newly created EMAS AMC division in Houston and was also the project manager for the PSVM FPSO that was installed in the deep waters off Angola